March 2, 2023 

Dear CrossPointe Families, 

We have had a full two weeks before spring break. I am not going to go in order of events because  I do not want congratulations lost in the main body of this letter that will recap the state of the  school address. 

This Monday we were treated to a CPP Pops Concert. Wow! Well done Voice Ensembles. It can  be nerve-wracking performing in front of people, even if you are with your friends. The audience  enjoyed the fun-filled selected songs that were performed fabulously. The stories of the songs  along with the combination of solos were entertaining. The entire evening was just FUN! Kudos  also to the ASL classes for signing the Fight Song. Thank you Dr. Brooks and students for a  concert performed well. Thank you also to CPP parent Matt Keifer for allowing us to use Imago Dei  space for the concert. 

Congratulations to the Kemper family on the birth of their daughter Mabel June. Arriving on  Tuesday, February 28th @ 5:00pm and weighing in at 8lbs. 6 oz. Mother and baby are doing fine.  Proud big brothers are Chase, Tate, and Stiles. Look out world, Mabel has three big brothers  already wrapped around her little finger.  

State of the School address 

Thank you CrossPointe community for your continued support of intentional Christian education.  Many of you were able to attend the state of the school address last Thursday evening where the  board reaffirmed our purpose and vision for CrossPointe by concisely sharing about our school’s  history, identity, values, successes, and aspirations which helped us understand where CPP has  

been and where we aspire to be in the years to come. I marvel at what God has done and  continues to do through this educational community. Each day, each weak, each month, and each  year we collectively rise to the challenge of intentionally educating our children to be wholesome,  competent men and women of godly character who make a positive difference for Christ now and  in the future. 

Gratitude and Announcements 

Thank you to past board member Elisa Barden who resigned last May. 

Thank you to two teachers who will not be returning to CrossPointe: Mrs. Kim Williams 3rd grade  teacher and Mrs. Cailin Williams 7th & 8th Literature. These two godly women have faithfully served,  mentored, loved, instructed, and facilitated learning for our CPP community and touching the  hearts and minds of our students, influencing their growth in positive ways. 

Thank you and presentation of a plaque to Cloverdale church of Christ to put on the arbor that we  had constructed over the summer for them showing our gratitude for the four years they graciously  leased to CPP before we outgrew their facility.

ACE scholarship applications are now open. When applying you can include all fees on the tuition  and fees document that pertain to your student except for the registration fee. If you have  questions please ask. ACE scholarship info and the Tuition and fees documents are available at  the front desk. 

Registration is now open for the 2023-24 school year. To secure your child’s place at CrossPointe  for the 2023-24 academic year, you will need to submit a registration form. If paying by May 11th,  registration will be $275. After May 11th, it will be $350. Also, after May 11th, priority placement  will be open to returning as well as new registrants. If you anticipate that your child(ren) will return,  but are unprepared to pay the fee, please complete the form and submit it to the office and we will  follow up with you during the summer. 

Congratulations goes out to Dixie Evans. Her name was drawn to receive one free registration  ($350 value) for the 2023-24 school year. 

2023-24 teacher openings: 3rd grade teacher, 4th grade teacher, Spanish, 7th -10th Literature (4  sections), 7-12th Christian Communicators (drama), Physics, & Forensic Science. Please join with  me in thanking God for sending the right individuals at the right time to continue our educational  ministry with excellence. 

Projected new class offerings (depending on enrollment): 

• FLL Robotics returns for: 5th & 6th , 7th -9th 

• Christian Communicators (drama) returns for: 7th -12th grade 

• Cooking (limited enrollment): 7th & 8th , 9th -12th 

• 10K fitness (participate in 5-10K runs twice each semester): 9th -12th 

• Competitive Archery:7th -12th 

• Competitive Basketball (non-sanctioned competition): 9th -12th 

• Voice Select: 9th -12th 

• Leadership: 9th -12th 

• Physics: 11th & 12th 

• Chess club 

• Sewing (9 week mini sessions) limited enrollment 

Thank you for trusting the CPP school board (Mac Madden, Jeff Massey, Todd Davis, Cindy Kreh,  Natalie Dockery, Spencer Ross, and Lauren DeSisso) and administration as they lead and protect  the mission and vision of the school. Please continue to keep CPP in your prayers as we strive to  

be intentional in our purpose, content, and design; be distinctive in our university-model, Christ centeredness, proven academics, and community; join in partnership with parents with a steadfast  commitment to be an educational community of Christ followers in a kingdom model of disciple  making preparing college-worthy, character witnesses of Christ for the next generation. 

In closing, may we all strive to be undaunted in purpose and resilient in execution for God’s  kingdom. 

Joyously serving, 

Tammy Dawson 

The ACE Scholarships Arkansas 2023-2024 Application can be found here: Arkansas  Application

Help grow your school. Let people know about our upcoming informational meetings where they  can gather the information they need about CrossPointe to make the best choice for their family. Thursday, March 16th @ 9:00am OR 6:00pm 

Tuesday, April 11th @ 9:00am OR 6:00pm 


Remember, you can keep up-to-date with CPP calendar events by accessing our google calendar  at 

To sign up for Text alerts so you get important news flashes and reminders. text- @cppalert to  81010 

· March 3rd – Tinkerfest, 2:00-3:00pm @ HU campus (see flier) 

· March 4th -12th – Spring Break 

· March 14th – Applications are open for Student Council candidacy. 

· March 18th– Family outing at Woolly Hollow State Park. 

· March 20, 21 & 23- IOWA testing in grades 2nd -10th Students needing to take it at a  different time will need to pay a $75 proctoring fee and schedule with Mrs. Dawson within a  two week window. 

· March 30th – Project the Vision Dinner (more info coming). 

· April 6th – PreK – 6th grade Spring Sing at HU (more info coming). · April 14th – 9th -12th Spring Banquet (more info coming).