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2023-24 Handbook

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Dress Code

Our dress code intends to maintain a safe, secure environment in which it is easy to quickly determine who belongs to our CPP student body, prioritize modest dress, and promote confidence and comfort while maintaining a neat, cohesive uniform. 

Required Clothing Standards: 

CrossPointe Preparatory has partnered with VanWinkle Sports in Searcy to provide our school with embroidered apparel. Screen printed school and spirit shirts will be offered throughout the school year through CPP. We request that all shirts be purchased through VanWinkle and CPP.  Or, with approval from the office, clothing may be purchased from other vendors as long as it meets the CrossPointe guidelines. Note: CrossPointe apparel created independently of CPP designed clothing cannot be worn at school. 

***Click here to visit the school catalog at VanWinkle Sports***



    • Blue jeans that are clean, intact (no holes or rips), and fit appropriately
    • NEW! Business casual joggers made of twill or slacks material (navy, black, or khaki colors) 
    • Slacks (navy, black, or khaki colors) 
    • Pre-K to 6th: Shorts, skorts, and jumpers will be allowed. (Please wear biker shorts underneath jumpers/skirts.)


    • NEW! CPP embroidered collared shirts, school tees & spirit shirts in CrossPointe blue, white, grey, or navy colors are allowed each school day. Shirts must be intact (no holes, rips, or stains), and fit appropriately. 
    • NEW! CPP sweatshirts are allowed each school day but students must wear a CPP shirt underneath. These sweatshirts will be provided for sale throughout the school year through CPP sign-ups.  
    • CPP outerwear (coat, sweatshirt, or cardigan) in CrossPointe blue, white, grey, or navy with embroidered/screen printed CrossPointe logo.

CoatsCoats should not be worn inside during school hours. If students are cold-natured, please purchase a CPP-approved sweater or sweatshirt or check our donation rack.   ***Heavy coats will only be allowed during outside play.*** 


    • Shoes that cover the heel
    • Sandals with heel straps

Hair & Body

    • Hairstyles should be cleaned, neat, and well-groomed.
    • Hairstyles should not be distracting or draw excessive attention. No vibrant or unnatural colors such as pink, orange, green, blue, etc., or extreme cuts. 
    • Girls are allowed to wear earlobe and ear cartilage piercings. Nose piercings must have a clear nose piercing retainer during school days. Excessive piercings are discouraged. 
    • Boys are not allowed to have piercings or grow beards, mustaches, or long sideburns.
    • No visible tattoos, henna, or body art (whether temporary or permanent).
    • NEW for 2023! (Trial Basis) CrossPointe caps are allowed during school hours. No other hats are allowed. We expect those who wear hats to mindfully notice moments when removing their cap is a sign of respect. Teachers have the right to ask students to remove caps if they become a distraction in any way. Some classes require students to remove hats due to the course work (i.e. voice ensemble, ASL, drama, etc.). Please remember to prioritize neat grooming if you choose to wear a cap. 

Athletic Clothing Standards:

Students can change their clothing prior to these classes and their clothing must meet these standards. 

    • Modest, black athletic shorts are allowed and must follow the fingertip rule. 
    • Black, navy, or grey joggers or sweatpants are allowed during these classes. 
    • Appropriate running shoes and socks should be worn during all athletic activities.
    • Crosspointe spirit shirts should be worn during class.  

Unacceptable Clothing: 

The following articles of clothing are not acceptable and may not be worn on campus during the school day or to any school-sponsored event:

    • Worn-out CPP attire (no holes, stains, or stretched-out necklines)
    • Patterned or embellished jeans (i.e. bleached floral patterns, patches, embroidery, cosmetic holes, etc.) 
    • Overalls 
    • Tank tops, spaghetti straps, or camisoles of any kind, including muscle shirts, halter tops, bare midriff, or open backs
    • Sweatpants, flannel, or fleece pants (this includes joggers made of these materials) outside of athletic classes
    • Sports shorts and pants (basketball shorts, running shorts, sweatpants, yoga pants, etc.; this includes joggers made of athletic material) outside of athletic classes
    • Visible undergarments or any see-through apparel
    • Pajamas 
    • Slippers (including those with a hard sole) or Flip-flops
    • Any article of clothing that is obviously too large or too small for the wearer