March 16, 2023 

Dear CrossPointe Families, 

There is power in a story. We live and breathe because of the magnificent, most compelling story  of all time; the story of our one true God who has loved and continues to love in a big and powerful  way. This is the story we can choose to live out every day. It is not a fable or fairytale. God’s story  in us is real.  

We can tell stories every single day about God working in us, through us, for us, and with us. Our  stories can reflect how we see the past and how we envision the future. They are a vital part of  who we are as individuals, family, friends, community, and even school. How we tell our story can  be very impactful in both positive and negative ways. Stories of hope during challenging times, of  love demonstrated with genuine compassion and kindness, and of victories through dedicated discipline are a few of the ways we convey a message of who we are and whose we are.  

CrossPointe has a huge storytelling event happening on March 30th– our Project the Vision dinner.  Please pray that God will use this event to create not a monologue but a dialogue that invites  others into the partnership of our vision and purpose for education intended to empower parents in  their responsibility to raise up their children to know and love God. We want others to become  partners in educating the heart and mind of children and youth with excellence, preparing them to  influence the world for Christ.  

Dr. John Turner, Jr. will be telling the UMSI story at the Project the Vision dinner. He is a gifted  orator who currently serves as a UMSI consultant in the Family Ministry component. John began  his experience with the University-Model® when he and his wife, Roxie, enrolled the first two of  their five children (previously home schooled) in Grace Preparatory Academy (Arlington, Texas),  on the first day of the school’s inception in 1993. Since then, four of their five graduated from  Grace Prep and the fifth graduated by way of the Turners’ home school. From 1998 until 2004, Dr.  Turner served as Grace Prep’s first full-time Dean of Character Development. During that time, he  was commissioned to write Character-Driven College Preparation to provide a quick overview of  the University-Model®.  

There are several spots available for guests who are interested in learning more about  CrossPointe. Help us share the CrossPointe story by giving the office contact information of those  you know who are interested and of your preacher/pastor, youth minister, or elders at your church  who are in a position to retell our story to those with whom they come in contact.  

What is the purpose of God’s story in us? …that the next generation might know. (Ps. 78:7-6).  God’s story in us is powerful! 

Joyously serving, 

Tammy Dawson

The ACE Scholarships Arkansas 2023-2024 Application can be found here: Arkansas  Application 

Help grow your school. Let people know about our upcoming informational meetings where they  can gather the information they need about CrossPointe to make the best choice for their family. Thursday, March 16th @ 9:00am OR 6:00pm 

Tuesday, April 11th @ 9:00am OR 6:00pm 


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∙ March 14th– Applications are open for Student Council candidacy. 

∙ March 18th– Family outing at Woolly Hollow State Park. See flyer for information. ∙ March 20, 21 & 23- IOWA testing in grades 2nd-10th Students needing to take it at a  different time will need to pay a $75 proctoring fee and schedule with Mrs. Dawson within a  two week window. Schedule attached.  

∙ March 30th – Project the Vision Dinner 

∙ April 6th – PreK – 6th grade Spring Sing at HU. School matinee begins at 1:00. Sign up  and pay for your $5.00 tickets at the front desk.  ∙ April 14th – 9th-12th Spring Banquet (more info coming).