CrossPointe graduate returns to CPP

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CrossPointe was recently blessed by visits from 2018 graduate Caleb Taylor. Caleb was on winter break from College of the Ozarks in Missouri and stopped by to see our new location, catch up with friends, and encourage the student body in a LIFE activity and short devotion. He was in high demand while on campus, but we were able to get this photo of him and four of his former classmates before he left. See, CPP is such a special place that former students come to visit when they are on break from their current school!


Christmas is all around at CPP!

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Parties and concerts and plays, oh my!  CrossPointe has been celebrating Christmas for a couple weeks now, from the performances at Harding University to one at Center on the Square and beyond.  The festivities conclude with our annual party at the school today and ice skating in Little Rock tomorrow.  We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.  See you next year!


Photo by journalism student Hannah Winters, senior.

CPP loves our moms!

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On Monday, December 3, the 7th-12th grades enjoyed a special meal together during their monthly potluck when some of the moms cooked for them.  We are so grateful for ALL of our parents and guardians who partner with us to educate and love our kids!  Thank you!


Photo by journalism student Analisa Wilson, sophomore.

CPP students go into orbit: a special report by Annabelle Schmitz and Morgan Stewart

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In case you haven’t heard, one of CrossPointe’s most celebrated programs is the robotics program.  From the North American Open in California last May to Skype calls with NASA, this special group of students is always up to something.


In fact, the Crossbots recently qualified for the Arkansas FLL state tournament after they earned first place project award and third place robot performance at the qualifying tournament.

There’s a reason they are learning from NASA: this year’s FLL theme is “Into Orbit.”  And as part of their education, they had the opportunity to attend Space Camp in Hunstville, Alabama.

Coach Jamie Bradshaw highlighted the trip for us and spoke about the impact it had on the group.  Among other things, the group participated in a simulated launch of the Shuttle Endeavor to and from the International Space Station. They also built and launched their own rockets and saw an actual moon rock.  They explored how the International Space Station serves as a testing facility for living and operating in microgravity and hostile conditions of outer space to prepare for future long duration space travel.

Coach Bradshaw also said the group was most impacted by the beautiful night sky and the realization that our Creator is an amazing artist.  As the psalmist said, “Give thanks to him who made the heavens so skillfully. His faithful love endures forever.  Give thanks to him who made the heavenly lights–His faithful love endures forever. the sun to rule the day, His faithful love endures forever. and the moon and stars to rule the night. His faithful love endures forever.” Psalm 136:5, 7-9 (New Living Translation)

Overall, the trip was a success and brought many of our students back with a smile on their faces. They got to experience something that can potentially be a part of their future and got to have fun as well.



CrossPointe meets Art Alley: a special report by Ben Latture and Analisa Wilson

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In one of the alleys in downtown Searcy is a vibrant, delightful surprise: murals of all types from numerous Searcy artists. This alley is known, appropriately, as “Art Alley.”

Artists have to petition for a spot in the alley.  And several of CrossPointe’s very own students have received the chance to show their ability as artists.  For example, Morgan Stewart, Joel Bradshaw and Annabelle Schmitz all earned a spot there. They all felt as though they had something the community needed to see.

When asked why she wanted to participate in Art Alley, Morgan said, “I’ve always loved art, and I wanted to help grow positivity in Searcy.” At the time of this writing, Morgan was working on a piece of art that portrayed an abstract face that had to do with earth and space.

While Morgan was working on something abstract, Joel took a more direct approach in his art: he painted an adaptation of The Scream by Edvard Munch.  But Joel’s creation places a yelling Bigfoot in the mountains.

Annabelle’s mural is still a work in progress and is sure to be a piece that is open to interpretation by its onlookers.

Art Alley has given the opportunity for artists of Searcy to show their creative talent, and our three CrossPointe students have not disappointed.


The making of a theme: a special report by Hannah Winters

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Every year, CrossPointe has a theme.  Usually, Mrs. Dawson chooses the theme after praying about it over the summer, but this year the theme came about in a somewhat different manner: more of the school was involved.  First, she had the student council choose the theme they liked best out of several ideas she had.  Then she revealed the theme to the teachers at their back-to-school meeting and asked them to expand on the theme.  She also received their thoughts about the logo from choices given by student and student council member Seth Brown.  In the end, as Mrs. Dawson summarized, “The power of prayer, (the) inspiration of the Spirit, and the unified hearts of the CrossPointe family came together, producing a powerful theme for this year.”

And what is that theme?  It is “Dare to Be,” a bold theme that is open to interpretation and personalization.

For example, senior Calissa Taylor is daring to be “a strong leader and a confident person.”   To her, “it means people will see God rather than me when they look at me.”  Senior Karli Latture wants “to dare to be influential” in her role as a student, specifically as a senior.  She said, “I feel called to lead and to make an impact on everyone at school. To dare to be influential, to me, means to step out of my comfort zone to make other people feel radically loved and to know that their King and Creator desires a relationship with them.”  And senior Makenzie LeMay is daring to be vulnerable, to have “spiritual vulnerability and be more open.”

Even though we are almost halfway through the year, we are still being challenged to “Dare to Be.”  What will YOU dare to be?

"I will dare to be brave."

“I will dare to be brave.”

"I will dare to be good."

“I will dare to be good.”

"I will dare to be kind."

“I will dare to be kind.”


CPP families enjoyed Fall Fest!

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On Saturday, November 10, CPP families came together to celebrate fall with a bonfire and chili dogs at the Gill home.  It’s a yearly tradition that everyone who attends enjoys.  Below, several students ranging from 7th-12th grades huddle for a photo.  The next family event will be on December 14 when we have our annual all-school ice skate at the Arkansas Skatium in Little Rock followed by lunch at the Purple Cow.  We hope to see everyone there!


Photo by journalism student Morgan Stewart, freshman.

Yearbook staff is working hard!

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On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the journalism class meets to work on the yearbook.  It is coming along nicely, and we are excited for you to see it in the spring.  Yearbooks will be on sale shortly after the new calendar year begins.  Below, two members of the staff listen carefully to ideas being offered around the table.


Photo by journalism student Hannah Winters, senior.

CrossPointe holds art show and spelling bee

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On Thursday, November 1, CrossPointe held its annual spelling bee and semi-annual art show.  Ten students participated in the bee, and almost forty participated in the art show.  Winners of the spelling bee were champion Chase Kemper, 6th grade; runner-up Bri Mahoney, 6th grade; and second runner-up Tate Kemper, 4th grade.  Chase and Bri will go on to represent CrossPointe in the White County Spelling Bee in January.  Fifth graders Lucy Myers and Lauren Pearson may also represent CrossPointe in that bee.  (We choose two representatives for each eligible grade; fourth grade is not eligible for the county bee.  Next year, Tate!)


Senior Hannah Winters’ artwork above was only one of the many works of art on display at the art show.

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