"Ever since CrossPointe began over three years ago, our school has been playing a very special and very needed role which is becoming absent in almost all other educational institutions. Most children today are being taught with a secular, "objective" perspective in their curriculum, and the application of that knowledge in life. This is being done largely as an act of neutrality, an effort to standardize education for people of all backgrounds without requiring much of a compromise from the student nor the institution. Unfortunately, many Christian schools have also been touched by this trend, losing sight of the Christian mission. And it is here where CrossPointe is making its stand."

− Jared Smith

"There is no doubt that our daughter is receiving an excellent education at CrossPointe Preparatory. In fact, there is evidence which proves that this educational process is superior to her previous environment in a private Christian school. Her teachers are qualified and indicate that they want to teach. Lesson plans are shared with the parents on a weekly basis which gives direction as to what we hope to accomplish each week both at home and at school. Most of the written work and reading are done at home with class time being spent in earnest discussion and application of the factual information already reviewed at home. It reminds me of how wealthy families of nobility used to educate their heirs, under the hire of tutors who designed the training of future kings, queens, and leaders. The class size was small and suited to the needs of the children with a higher purpose in mind always. The master teacher was the one who held the lamp of knowledge up for the student to admire and aspire to. The mentor sits and talks with the student about the history of our world and its peoples, shares thoughts about literature and languages, explores the mysteries of science, and the predictable patterns of mathematics."

− Patty Wilson