The making of a theme: a special report by Hannah Winters

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Every year, CrossPointe has a theme.  Usually, Mrs. Dawson chooses the theme after praying about it over the summer, but this year the theme came about in a somewhat different manner: more of the school was involved.  First, she had the student council choose the theme they liked best out of several ideas she had.  Then she revealed the theme to the teachers at their back-to-school meeting and asked them to expand on the theme.  She also received their thoughts about the logo from choices given by student and student council member Seth Brown.  In the end, as Mrs. Dawson summarized, “The power of prayer, (the) inspiration of the Spirit, and the unified hearts of the CrossPointe family came together, producing a powerful theme for this year.”

And what is that theme?  It is “Dare to Be,” a bold theme that is open to interpretation and personalization.

For example, senior Calissa Taylor is daring to be “a strong leader and a confident person.”   To her, “it means people will see God rather than me when they look at me.”  Senior Karli Latture wants “to dare to be influential” in her role as a student, specifically as a senior.  She said, “I feel called to lead and to make an impact on everyone at school. To dare to be influential, to me, means to step out of my comfort zone to make other people feel radically loved and to know that their King and Creator desires a relationship with them.”  And senior Makenzie LeMay is daring to be vulnerable, to have “spiritual vulnerability and be more open.”

Even though we are almost halfway through the year, we are still being challenged to “Dare to Be.”  What will YOU dare to be?

"I will dare to be brave."

“I will dare to be brave.”

"I will dare to be good."

“I will dare to be good.”

"I will dare to be kind."

“I will dare to be kind.”


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