Mrs. Bradshaw’s claim to fame is a husband of 17 years and four amazing kiddos.  Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, she moved to Arkansas her senior year of high school. Then, according to her husband, by the grace of God, she married into “Razorback Country.”  Soon after, she gave her life to Christ and the Bradshaws attended Harding’s School of Biblical Studies. Since then, their family has spent the past 15 years involved in ministry either full or part time, in Florida, Idaho, and currently they minister at the Bethesda church of Christ.

The Bradshaws have been a CrossPointe family for six years and love the connection it allows families.  “To join the CPP faculty is a great honor for me.  The realm of science fascinates me.  Whether physical or biological, I see God everywhere in it.   It is like studying a painting to find out more about its artist.  Engineering is both art and science. Using robotics to lead your children through the process of discovery, creativity and design using His laws is a journey I consider myself blessed to be on!”