CrossPointe meets Art Alley: a special report by Ben Latture and Analisa Wilson

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In one of the alleys in downtown Searcy is a vibrant, delightful surprise: murals of all types from numerous Searcy artists. This alley is known, appropriately, as “Art Alley.”

Artists have to petition for a spot in the alley.  And several of CrossPointe’s very own students have received the chance to show their ability as artists.  For example, Morgan Stewart, Joel Bradshaw and Annabelle Schmitz all earned a spot there. They all felt as though they had something the community needed to see.

When asked why she wanted to participate in Art Alley, Morgan said, “I’ve always loved art, and I wanted to help grow positivity in Searcy.” At the time of this writing, Morgan was working on a piece of art that portrayed an abstract face that had to do with earth and space.

While Morgan was working on something abstract, Joel took a more direct approach in his art: he painted an adaptation of The Scream by Edvard Munch.  But Joel’s creation places a yelling Bigfoot in the mountains.

Annabelle’s mural is still a work in progress and is sure to be a piece that is open to interpretation by its onlookers.

Art Alley has given the opportunity for artists of Searcy to show their creative talent, and our three CrossPointe students have not disappointed.


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