CrossPointe holds art show and spelling bee

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On Thursday, November 1, CrossPointe held its annual spelling bee and semi-annual art show.  Ten students participated in the bee, and almost forty participated in the art show.  Winners of the spelling bee were champion Chase Kemper, 6th grade; runner-up Bri Mahoney, 6th grade; and second runner-up Tate Kemper, 4th grade.  Chase and Bri will go on to represent CrossPointe in the White County Spelling Bee in January.  Fifth graders Lucy Myers and Lauren Pearson may also represent CrossPointe in that bee.  (We choose two representatives for each eligible grade; fourth grade is not eligible for the county bee.  Next year, Tate!)


Senior Hannah Winters’ artwork above was only one of the many works of art on display at the art show.

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