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Photo of the day . . .

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Last Thursday, elementary students practiced during music class for their upcoming Christmas performance.  The second grader in the photo below spent some free time in LIFE reading over the lyrics.  All CPP elementary music classes and the upper school voice ensemble will perform in the Reynolds Recital Hall at Harding University on Thursday, November 29 at 6:30 p.m.  All are invited.


Photo by journalism student Analisa Wilson, sophomore.

Christian Communicators students give a preview of Christmas play

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On Tuesday, October 23, students in the 7th-12th grades Christian Communicators class gave a preview of their Christmas play, Christmas in Comfort, which will be performed in full on Tuesday, December 4.

On that same evening, the preschool-2nd grades class will perform an adaptation of  Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey, and the 3rd-6th grades class will perform an adaptation of My Dad Ran Over a Frog: A Christmas Story.

The performances will be in the auditorium of Cloverdale Church of Christ at 6:00 p.m.  Please make plans to attend.  We would love to have you!

Students listen during LIFE as Ms. Turpin introduces a preview of Christmas in Comfort.

Photo by journalism student Hannah Winters, senior.

Student council leads LIFE

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Student council has a regular rotation on the LIFE schedule, and it is always interesting to see what they do.  Students recently participated in a follow-the-leader choreography challenge, which amused the junior featured in the photo below.


Photo by journalism student Ben Latture, sophomore.

We are family!

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It’s something you will hear us say over and over again here at CrossPointe.  And like any family, we like to spend time together.  Here, two students–one in elementary school and one in high school–get to know each other better in an unlikely place under a table as part of the Big and Little Buddy program.


Photo by journalism student Ben Latture, sophomore.

Quarter one is over already!

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It’s hard to believe, but the school year is already one-fourth of the way over!  We are halfway to Christmas break and halfway to semester one testing.  CPP students like the one below, however, know that learning happens all semester long and that keeping up with their studies is an important part of being academically successful.


Photo by journalism student Morgan Stewart, freshman.

It’s portrait time!

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Yesterday, September 25, was portrait day for 6th grade and under.  Tomorrow will be portrait day for 7th-12th grades.  At CrossPointe, portraits are done “in house.”*  Dr. Brooks, our academic dean, is the photographer, and members of the journalism staff are his assistants.  We also had a parent volunteer this year who helped keep everything moving (thank you, Kim Williams!).

*On a literal level, though, portraits are done “out of house,” i.e. outside.  In the photo below, a journalism student demonstrates one of the challenges of working with the sun :)


Photo by journalism student Hannah Winters, senior.

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